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Student Dormitories

Student Dormitories

By offering innovative academic programs that advance our students and transform the regional economy, Western Galilee College attracts and retains talent in the Galilee. Student dormitories are essential for supporting this growth.
Currently the College does not have student housing available. Construction of student dormitories on campus will enable students from near and far to take advantage of WGC’s cutting edge academic programs and the rich cultural resources of the Galilee. This central living-learning community will thrive as students meet for study groups, spontaneously exchange ideas in the café, explore together the nature and beaches of the Galilee, and become deeply connected with the community.
Affordable student housing on campus will:
  • Support the influx of students to WGC from all over Israel.
  • Inject vibrancy into student life on campus with increased recreational activities.
  • Enhance WGC’s facilities in hosting international academic programs with our global partners.
  • Improve academics and retention among students.
  • Facilitate student involvement and civic engagement in Akko and the local region.


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