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WGC is the leading institute for higher education in the region, offering quality academic programs that are tailored to respond to the changing needs of the Galilee region. The College endeavors to develop labor-oriented degree programs that are relevant and interesting, and strives to integrate innovation and practical experience into the curricula.
WGC’s drive to continuously advance and innovate attracts outstanding faculty, many of whom are residents of the region. The level of instruction is enhanced by faculty workshops devoted to recent advancements in teaching methods and by providing a learning environment equipped with the latest technology and resources. Faculty are encouraged and supported in research activities, which further contribute to raising the level of knowledge and skills imparted to the students.
Our flagship program is the Sir Harry Solomon School of Management. Shaping leaders in a culture centered on excellence and innovation, this competitive academic program imparts graduates with the academic theory and practical experience needed to succeed in a globally competitive marketplace.
WGC is also experiencing significant growth in our Department of Education, whose Center for Literacy Education serves the entire region as a platform for literacy training and stimulates novel research. Criminology students are drawn to WGC's world-class faculty, engaged in groundbreaking research on topics such as youth at risk. The Department of Theatre Studies is nationally renowned for its innovative academic programs and prominent faculty. WGC offers Israel's only bachelor's degree program in Conservation of Sites and Monuments, and our Holocaust Studies program has established international esteem through its rich course offerings and scholarly endeavors.


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