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Community Involvement

Connection with the community is a guiding principle that underlies all of the College’s activities and supports WGC’s vision for a flourishing Galilee. The College is actively engaged with the surrounding region in a myriad of academic, cultural, and socially responsive initiatives.
Community involvement is an integral component of the academic curriculum. For example, education students help diagnose and treat pupils with learning difficulties in Akko city schools; criminology students work with youth at risk and in correctional facilities; theatre students involve special populations in the community, such as senior citizens or people with disabilities, in educational community theatre projects.
WGC’s Center for Career Development forges connections with local business organizations, and plays a vital role in guiding students and graduates in their professional paths in the Galilee region. The dozens of academic conferences hosted annually by the College attract local residents as well as national and international scholars. Hundreds of Galilee residents participate in WGC’s monthly “Joy of Learning” series through the Division of External Studies and Continuing Education. Scholarships enable students from the entire socio-economic spectrum to pursue an academic degree, and the community work undertaken by scholarship recipients contributes to the integration of the College into the surrounding community.
The physical development of the College is strategically planned to further enhance the College’s connection with the region. The Kaye Family Building’s outdoor amphitheater hosts thousands for special concerts and events, and the art gallery offers visitors exposure to special exhibitions. Student dormitories, which are currently in the planning phase, will support the College’s anticipated growth in student body, and will fill the critical need for a vibrant center for young adults in the Galilee—a lively social meeting point that promotes intellectual pursuits and student engagement with the community. 


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