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Offered as a double major, the Department of Sociology provides students with a foundation in the studies of sociology, anthropology and society, as well as knowledge regarding the related research methodologies. Specialized topics include: organizations and organizational behavior, health and social welfare, communication, gender, ethnic relations, culture, immigration and emigration labor, social geography, and anthropology.
The double major in Sociology can be combined with:
  • Management
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Criminology
Academic and Training Goals:
  • Provide basic skills in understanding the social reality and its impact on societal institutions and on human and organizational behavior, as well as impart students with the ability to identify and detect the factors that affect it.
  • Develop basic analytical and assessment tools regarding social processes and basic research abilities on the academic level.
  • Provide additional perspectives for students specializing in related disciplines such as economics and management, criminology and education.
  • Prepare students for graduate studies in sociology.
  • Train graduates to be aware of the social processes taking place around them and have the potential for social involvement.
  • Provide students with the theoretical knowledge and understanding of the functioning of social organizations and prepare graduates for roles in labor, public, political, and nonprofit organizations.
Chair of the Department of Sociology
Professor Nimrod Luz
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