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Investing In Our Students

Students are the heart and center of WGC’s mission and activities, which guide and support each individual as they pursue their academic and career path.
Our student body reflects the rich mosaic of cultures and religions in the Galilee including Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze, Bedouin, and immigrants from the Former Soviet Union and Ethiopia. Minorities comprise half of the WGC student population. The College serves as a stimulating cultural meeting ground where individuals of diverse backgrounds often meet for the first time as they study together and experience shared campus life in an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect.
Many of our students are the first in their families to pursue an academic degree, and women comprise more than 70% of the WGC student body. The College supports students in every way possible through an extensive array of student advancement services, scholarships, and social support services. The tremendous impact of higher education becomes evident as graduates confidently develop in their profession and build families that are financially secure.

From the Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students is the executive arm for the advancement and welfare of the College’s students. Throughout the year, the Office of the Dean endeavors to assist all of our students to deal with the academic or personal challenges they may face. To this end, the Office of the Dean offers a comprehensive system of support, including: encouraging excellence; social integration and community involvement; an array of individual and group tutoring; diagnosis and assistance for students with learning disabilities; financial aid; emotional and personal support and guidance; assistance for individuals with disabilities; housing solutions; assistance to reservists; assistance to single mothers; campus life and more.
The Office of the Dean of Students accompanies students from the moment they enroll at the College, as they progress in their academic studies, and assists graduates as they integrate into the job market or pursue studies towards advanced degrees. We are here to support our students in every way, and to help each individual realize his/her potential towards excellence, leadership and engagement for society and the community.
Mr. Amir Harpaz
WGC Dean of Students


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