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Theatre Studies

Theatre Studies

WGC’s Department of Theatre Studies is renowned for its innovative academic programs and unique partnership with the nationally famed Akko Alternative Theatre Festival. The program combines academic studies with cultivation of artistic skills and creativity through acting, dramatic writing, directing in schools and communities, and dance choreography and performance.
Students in the program are trained under the guidance of professional directors, educators and leading dance artists.
This program provides academic training and rich learning experiences, and supports the development of multidisciplinary knowledge for theatre and dance performers, educators, and directors of drama and dance in schools and the community.
Students in Theatre Studies select from two specializations:
  • The Educational and Community Theatre Program cultivates acting and dramatic writing skills with a focus on involvement with schools and the community.
    Courses include: Socio-political Rifts in Society Played by Israeli Theatre; Social Perspectives in the Study of the Arts; Principles of Drama Therapy & Community Theatre; Acting; Foundations of Drama for Acting in the Community and Schools; High School Drama Productions; Theatre’s Role in School Ceremonies & Holidays; Fundamentals of Directing in Community and Educational Theatre; From Improvisation to Performative Text; Intro. to Alternative Israeli Theatre; Molière in Theatre; Principles of Japanese Performance Theatre; Arabs & Jews in Israeli Theatre; and more.
  • The Dance Theatre Program combines academic studies with artistic and creative skills training in dance.
    Courses include: Perspectives in Dance & the Arts; History of Western Dance Theatre; Classical Ballet Technique; Foundations of Modern Dance; Dance in Israel; Music; Butoh Japanese Dance Theatre; Dance Analysis; Sacred Dances; Composition, Choreography, & Creativity; Repertory Dance; Anatomy; Body, Dance, & Performance Theories; From Improvisation to Composition; From First Expression to Full Creation; Creative Processes; and more.
Head of the Department of Theatre Studies
Professor Dan Urian
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