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IIT-FM Convention in Acre: Invitation
Yuval Wolf and Limor Yehuda
Bar-Ilan University and the Academic College of Western Galilee
The unique scientific integral of Information Integration Theory and Functional Measurement (hence IIT-FM) can already be considered as one of the most successful and impactful paradigms in current psychology, due to the ingenuity and creativity of Norman Anderson and the pioneering work of other leading scientists. The success of this paradigm is reflected in the multi-phenomenon array of scientific works, published on the best stages, based on IIT-FM. These works range from developmental psychology and social psychology to intuitive geometry and intuitive physics. Excellent researchers, mainly experimentalists, all along the global scientific village, choose this line of work as their favorite.
The mounting interest in IIT-FM is reflected in researchers' participation in the bi-yearly international gatherings of leading scholars, organized under the hospice of the leading IIT-FM committee. Last year convention in Coimbra Portugal, organized and conducted impressively by Armando Oliviera, was an evident success in terms of the many interesting and innovative presentations by leading scholars from many countries.
The possibility that the next meeting will take place in Acre, Israel (June 8-10, 2015, organized by Yuval Wolf from Bar-Ilan University [hence BIU] and Limor Yehuda from the Western Galilee College [hence WGC]) has been approved cordially by the leading committee. The convention will take place under the umbrella of BIU and WGC. We, Yuval and Limor, have already began to set an appropriate stage for this convention, including presentation halls in the WGC, located in Acre, hotels and most interesting tours in Acre, the Galilee and in other special places in Israel. In order to be able to organize a three-day schedule of presentations of IIT-FM related works, we issued a call for papers, requiring a title and a brief abstract. The presentation offers should be sent to the following e-mail address:, by the end June, 2014. For additional information concerning the IIT-FM convention, please go to the convention cite via: June
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