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Letter from President

Letter from the President

Western Galilee College was founded to serve the population of the region by offering academic degrees in a variety of fields in the humanities, social sciences and management. The College was recognized as an independent academic institution in 2009, and has since opened new departments in Conservation of Sites and Monuments, Theater Studies, Criminology, Education, Sociology and Interdisciplinary Studies. The College's Sir Harry Solomon School of Management opened in 2012, offering bachelor's degrees in Economics, Management, and a double major in Economics and Management, as well as a major in Management with other fields.
A new department in Supply Chain Management has been submitted for approval by the Council for Higher Education. Alongside the existing departments, the College is working to expand the range of undergraduate programs, such as Accountancy and Health Systems Management, and graduate programs in leading departments of the College, such as Education, Criminology and Management.
The Sir Harry Solomon School of Management is designed to train mid-level managers in business, industrial, and governmental organizations. The new state of the art Kaye Family Building, home to the School of Management, opened in October 2014 with generous support from the UJIA. The Kaye Family Building provides classrooms furnished with the latest equipment, large lecture halls, faculty offices, and conference rooms, which facilitate the provision of excellent service to students and a focus on faculty research.
Independent departments of the college play a critical role in offering residents of the region quality education tailored to their needs and career options. In addition to offering a variety of disciplines, the College aims to be a leader in the quality of teaching and learning services. To this end, great resources are invested in our modern user-friendly library and computerized learning system that facilitates access to course materials.
The College is dedicated to providing personal attention and guidance of students from the beginning of their studies through completion, with full consideration of individual needs and preferences. In recognition of the fact that for some students it is their first encounter with the academic world, the college does everything possible to ensure that their experience is supportive. This is reflected, in part, by our extensive academic counseling and tutoring services and development of appropriate instructional methods.
The College is a cultural meeting place in which students from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds have the opportunity to become familiar with the rich social-cultural mosaic that characterizes the Western Galilee, to study together and experience shared campus life in an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect.
An array of scholarships offered by the College through the Dean of Students enables students from the entire socio-economic spectrum to study at the College. The community work undertaken by the scholarship recipients contributes to the integration of the College into the surrounding community, and makes WGC a vital part of the community at large.
The College is not an ivory tower of academia, and actively seeks to be relevant, linked and connected with its surroundings.
The College provides enrichment and professional courses to the residents of the area, and considers them an important element in maintaining the college's vision of relevance.
In recent years, the College has become the leading independent college in the Western Galilee, offering high quality academic programs which relate to the region. I intend to continue this trend and expand the range of subjects taught at the college, to raise the quality of teaching and the quality of students, and to make the college a place where local residents, and students from other regions in the country, strive to learn and grow.
Prof. Dov Dvir
President, Western Galilee College
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