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Letter from President

Letter from the President

Over the last 25 years, the Western Galilee Academic College has offered academic studies in diverse disciplines. During the first years of its academic activity, studies were conducted under the auspices and supervision of Bar Ilan University. In 2009, Western Galilee College became independent, and since then, offers various undergraduate academic programs licensed and certified by the Israeli Council of Higher Education.
The School of Management offers studies for a B.A. degree in management as well as double major programs in management together with economics, accounting or logistics. Recently, the Council of Higher Education agreed that the Western Galilee College, in partnership with Tel Hai Academic College, apply for approval of a master’s program in business and economics. We hope that soon we will be licensed to offer this program to our graduates as well as graduates of other academic institutions. We are also expecting to be licensed soon to offer a B.A. in political science.
One of our largest departments is the education department in which students are able to study education while specializing in various divisions such as literacy or learning disabilities. Lately, the Council of Higher Education agreed to our college applying for approval for B.A. double major programs in early childhood education and in learning disabilities and learning difficulties as well as master’s programs in education and in educational management. We believe that increasing the number of undergraduate and graduate programs in education will turn the Western Galilee College into the leading institution of education in northern Israel.
The College offers high quality academic programs in criminology, and sociology as well as unique studies in the Department of Theater and the Department of Conservation.
The department chairs and the academic staff that teach at the college have Doctoral degrees from prestigious universities and have a high academic reputation in Israel and abroad.
The college is located on a large green campus with modern buildings and large lecture halls, equipped with the newest teaching technologies and multi-media systems that make it easier for users to learn. We have staff rooms and a modern library with quick access to academic databases.
The college is a meeting place which gives students from diverse ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds a chance to encounter the multifaceted social mosaic that characterizes the Western Galilee area and to experience campus life and study in an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect.
Realizing that some of our students are the first generation in their families to learn in an academic institution, the college makes a lot of effort to support them and make their encounter with academic life relaxed and comfortable.
One of our main missions is to give the students a personal approach; therefore we take into consideration their personal preferences and give them support during all the years they spend in our college.      
We offer a comprehensive list of scholarships, grants, and other awards that are available to students, thus enabling students from all socio-economic backgrounds to study in our college.
The Unit for Social Involvement in the Dean's office is active in fulfilling its commitment to Israeli society as a whole and to the Galilee, the region where the college lives and breathes, in particular. The Unit for Social Involvement integrates students through social action, values and education in the community, and especially in nourishing and encouraging marginalized populations in society. 
Over the last few years, the college has become an important academic center that contributes both to the education of the local population and the development of the economy in northern Israel.
My intention is to continue expanding the variety of academic programs studied at the college for both undergraduate and graduate students, to improve research and the quality of teaching in order to turn the college to an academic center that attracts students not only from northern Israel but also  from other parts of the country as well.
Professor Nissim Ben David
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