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Pre-Academic Preparatory Studies

Pre-Academic Preparatory Studies

Over 1,000 students enroll yearly in the WGC Pre-academic preparatory program, which provides a second chance for the opportunity towards an academic degree. A wide range of programs are offered to students who have not completed their matriculation or do not meet the required academic standards in order to be accepted in an academic degree program. The pre-academic program also enables individuals who have not recently been in an academic setting to transition back into the mindset of studies.
Numerous study tracks are available, enabling students to choose their preferred level of intensity as well as their needed areas of study. The courses are sufficiently flexible to accommodate students who have other obligations beyond the study program.
Study tracks include:
  • High school matriculation completion
  • Preparatory courses for mature students (ages 30+)
  • Brief preparatory courses: Math/Hebrew/English
  • Refresher preparatory courses
  • Pre-academic preparatory courses
  • Preparation for pre-academic preparatory courses
Head of the Unit for Pre-Academic Preparatory programs
Ms. Liliana Kaminar
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