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Research Center for Holocaust Studies

Research Center for Holocaust Studies

Chaired by Dr. Boaz Cohen
Established by the faculty of the Holocaust Studies program, WGC’s Research Center for Holocaust Studies promotes research both within the college and in collaboration with universities and academic institutions in Israel and around the world on the Holocaust and its aftermath. The primary research interests of the Center include early Holocaust historiography, medicine during the Holocaust, Holocaust testimonies and children in the Holocaust and beyond.
WGC’s Holocaust Studies Program serves as a focal point for international scholarship in the field of Holocaust research. The faculty’s dedication to breaking new ground in Holocaust research, together with great initiative in annually hosting a series of esteemed international conferences, has established WGC as a leading center for Holocaust Studies. The collaborative endeavors with academic and public institutions in Israel and abroad meaningfully contribute to advancements in Holocaust research and enhance the academic and public profile of the College.
Dr. Boaz Cohen, head of the program, and his colleague, Dr. Miriam Offer, have written important works on the Holocaust, are widely published in the international sphere and have achieved an excellent academic profile. They are frequently requested to present their research at international conferences and workshops, and have a significant presence in the Israeli media regarding Holocaust related issues.
The WGC Center for Holocaust Research
WGC’s Center for Holocaust Research promotes research and dissemination of knowledge on the Holocaust and its aftermath. The Center endeavors to conduct research projects with international scholars based on the extensive network of researchers established by the program through its international collaborations and conferences, and aims to serve as a home for young researchers from Israel and abroad with relevant research interests.
Key Aims of the Center:
  • Support existing research and promote the advancement of new research activities.
  • Serve as a platform for cooperation with researchers and institutions worldwide.
  • Establish the College as a hub for international Holocaust research.
  • Create an infrastructure for obtaining grants and funds to support research.
Key Research Themes:
Children in the Holocaust and Beyond
Research focuses on the experiences of children during the Holocaust via testimonies given by child survivors (while still children). The policies and practices of rehabilitation of children after the Holocaust are also studied. The research also studies the relevance of children in the Holocaust to the experiences of children in today’s war zones and refugee camps.
Medicine and the Holocaust
The research examines the experience and activities of Jewish doctors in the Ghettos and camps, and studies the health systems that they established as well as the moral dilemmas they faced. Dr. Offer's book on medicine in the Warsaw Ghetto “White Coat in the Ghetto” was recently published by Yad Vashem (an English publication is forthcoming).
Holocaust Testimonies and Holocaust Memory
The research employs a multi-disciplinary approach regarding the study of Holocaust testimonies. The faculty hosts a unique biennial series of international conferences on "The Future of Holocaust Testimonies" (2010, 2012, 2014, plans for 2016 and beyond), which attracts scholars from around the globe. The conference focuses on research related to the creation of testimonies, their historical value, social and personal meaning, and their place in education and the arts. A forthcoming volume on early children’s testimonies, edited by Dr. Cohen with contributions from international scholars who participated in the conference series, is due to be published by Hebrew University’s Magnes Press.
Holocaust Historiography
The research focuses on the birth and evolution of early Holocaust historiography and documentation. Research endeavors in this topic resulted in Dr. Cohen’s book “Israeli Holocaust Research: Birth and Evolution,” published by Yad Vashem in 2010 (and in English by Routledge in 2012). A forthcoming volume on Holocaust survivor historians, edited by Dr. Cohen, is due to be published by Taylor & Francis.
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