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Management – single / double major

Management studies allow you to get all the tools you need for a leading manager in the modern era. A selection of unique lectures, an innovative dealing room and a variety of simulations that will prepare you for a career at the highest level. As part of the unique practicum program, the students will receive internship at one of the leading companies in the north. The field of management is a broad field that holds studies in business administration, behavioral sciences, economics, law, and more. A degree in management combines theoretical knowledge, research methods, thinking tools, scientific analysis and criticism as well as familiarity with theories and models for dealing with various managerial issues. Students have an option to specialize in Management of small and medium businesses, Strategic management of human resources, Logistics Management and Real estate management. Graduates with a bachelor's degree in management can take part in managerial positions in the public sector and in the business sector, in various positions such as marketing, finance, human resources, operations, supervision, planning and organization. In addition, they will be able to continue their studies toward higher degrees in management and business administration. During the course of the studies, the students will experience practical work in companies and organizations in the northern as part of the practicum program. The students will be partners in the management and work processes in the organizations, will become familiar with the complex systems and will also create a network with managers in the organizations to which they are embedded in the practicum.
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